Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pics of my DIY Stash!

My new favorite: Wool and Silk Winter Tai

The Scandis:

The Buckle-Tais


heli said...

gosh! they are so many! and so fine. :)

Kari said...

Are you selling any of these? They are beautiful!! I want one!!

Please Let me know....
kkeating3 at yahoo dot com


trozzort said...

Yes, please let me know if you're selling any. I'm not nearly enough talented to sew like that. They're all so pretty! smj at trozzort.com

aishling said...

tks so much for yr tutorial i'm mom of 4 wonderful kids 3 of which are still in the babywearing stage i've wanted to make a carrier for so long but been o nervous after reading yr tutorial i'm def. going to giv it a go tks a mill